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    Malcolm Matthews is a freelance editor whose goal is to write for a living while living in the south of France with his wife.

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    Malcolm Matthews values the future. That’s why he works hard now to make sure that he and his family can live a comfortable life in the future. He holds a Ph.D in Interdisciplinary Humanities and is an expert in Autism Spectrum Disorder, a research area that is not quite understood and needs...
    Are you familiar with the work of Malcolm Matthews? This academic has published extensively on the subject of Autism Spectrum Disorder. Currently working as an independent writer and professional editor, Malcolm Matthews is making an impact in the area of Autism Spectrum Disorder research at the...
    March 13, 2019 · Editor
    Malcolm is currently a freelance editor who looks to one day be able to support his family with his writing, which is usually focused on the topic of autism. In the meantime, the editing work allows him to stay at home and be a family man, an endeavor which he loves and at which he excels. His...
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